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  • Bubble Themed Wallpaper Images for Screens

    Bubble with Coloured Scene against Green and Black Background

    Bubble Theme. There are a lot of things that you just cannot help but appreciate more when you are already seeing it as your wallpaper, as your Windows 10 wallpaper background. The bubble is one of the things that you just cannot help but like tremendously when you already see it on your computer. The […]

  • 3D Theme for Windows Screens

    3D Coloured Spheres on Checkered Board Abstract Art Wallpaper

    3D Themed Wallpapers for Windows Screens. Gone are the days when movies are simply 2 dimensional. Even some books have become even more 3D as of late. This may be because of the contributions of technology to science and vice versa. If you would want a different looking theme, you may realise that this is […]

  • Yin and Yang Theme Images

    Yin Yang Black and White 3D Wallpaper

    Yin and Yang Theme for Windows Screens. It has often been said that in life, there is always a yin and a yang. These are opposing forces that are good and evil. For everything that is bad, there is something good. Ultimately, it means that nothing is truly bad and there is always something that […]

  • Castle Theme Images as Screen Backgrounds

    Fantasy Castle On Rock Landscape

    Castle Theme Wallpapers for Windows. A lot of little girls and maybe even little boys have been fascinated with castles but because of various reasons. For girls, the prospect of living in a castle may be a dream that they do not know how they can achieve but some little boys think of a castle […]

  • Art Theme Designs to Appreciate

    Scorched Earth by Arcipello Deviantart painting

    Art Theme Screen Backgrounds for Windows. What is the first thought that comes into your mind whenever you hear the word “art?” There are some people who think about the various paintings that they have seen. They may have seen landscape paintings, abstract paintings and all types of paintings that were available long before. Yet […]

  • Science Theme Images

    Left Brain Right Brain Science Image

    Science Theme. When do you draw the line between science and faith? This is something that people think about all the time. There are a lot of people who believe in Science but they cannot ignore their faith as well. Some are more drawn towards their faith while others feel that Science can dictate the […]

  • Disneyland Theme Images Free

    Disneyland Sleeping Beauty Castle Covered in Glittering Lights

    Disneyland Themed Wallpaper Awesome Magical Photographs. It is often said that this is one of the most magical places that you will visit in your lifetime. If you have been to any Disneyland, there is a chance that this is something that you will immediately agree with. If you would like to experience the magic […]

  • Periodic Table Themed Wallpaper Images For Free

    Colourful Periodic Table of the Elements

    Periodic Table Theme. When was the last time that you actually paid attention to the periodic table? You may not have given it much thought before but you know now that the periodic table can be a nice theme to have on your very own computer. Not only can it make your computer look high […]

  • Asian Artistic Designs

    Japanese Geisha Design Wallpaper

    Beautiful Choice of Asian Art Creative Theme Wallpapers for desktop, laptop and mobile screens. When you think about anything that is related to Asia, do you think of great architectures that will just let you know immediately that you are truly seeing something that is Asian inspired? You will have no trouble appreciating this Windows […]

  • Dove Theme Screen Backgrounds

    White Dove in Sunlight

    Dove Theme Screen Wallpaper Photographs. When everything just seems to be not going exactly as you planned and you feel that you lack the inspiration that you need to become strong, maybe all you need is the right wallpaper for your desktop. Just imagine feeling down and suddenly seeing this dove as your computer’s background. […]

  • Bunny Theme Wallpaper Download Free

    Cute Bunnies Kissing Wallpaper Image

    Cute Bunny Rabbit Theme Backgrounds. If you think about your favourite animal, which one would you usually say? The most commonly named favourite animals are dogs and cats but you will often find some people who will say that they love the bunny rabbit most of all. There is just something about bunnies that makes […]

  • Cute Baby Animals Screen Backgounds

    Two Cute Cheetah cubs jumping and playing together at Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania

    Superb Selection of Cute Baby Animals Themed Screen Wallpaper Photographs. Baby animals are cute creatures that capture our attention. Their cute look arouses our affection towards them, such that we desire to pick them up in our arms and cuddle them with great tenderness. We desire to caress them with gentle fondness. This Baby Animals […]

  • Pet Guinea Pigs Cute Photos

    Guinea Pigs With Pink Roses in Love

    Pet Guinea Pigs Wallpaper Theme. Guinea pigs can be lovely pets to keep because they are friendly, easy-to-handle and possess an attractively calm demeanor. The fact that they are little rodents further makes them easier to care for and convenient to walk around with. Now, if you love guinea pigs or would want to get […]

  • Gravity Falls Theme Wallpaper

    Gravity Falls Characters Screen Image

    Gravity Falls Theme Wallpaper. If you are a fan of animation series, most probably Gravity falls produced by Disney Television Animation, then you will love this windows theme pack that is just for you. This theme comes with 13 high definition wallpapers that are beautiful and lovely. Super fans will be astonished by this theme […]

  • Bill Cipher Theme Wallpaper Pictures

    Bill Cipher Blue Flame in Hand Gravity Falls Screenshot

    The Bill Cipher Theme for Windows is well known for the triangular demon from the dreams with his one eye and a big black hat. It is yellow and runs through gravity to reach the real world. This theme is available for Win 10, Win 8, Win 8.1. It has 15 HD wallpapers. The theme […]

  • Paris Theme Wallpaper Images

    Paris Bird’s Eye View

    Paris Theme Desktop Background Photos. What is it about a romantic city which makes people want to visit it all the time? Such is the case with this desktop wallpaper theme. You can be sure that this looks great with what you are aiming for especially if you would like something that will symbolise romance […]