Maddalena Sisto Theme Images

Magnificent Collation of Maddalena Sisto Theme Images for Windows 7. Maddalena Sisto was born in Alessandria in 1951. After completing secondary school, she moved to Milan, where (with articles and drawings) she devoted herself to fashion, custom, design and trends within the Condè Nast Group (Vogue). Notice how Mad creates out of women’s figures (her favourite subject) the genial “signorine” [young ladies]; delicate and eccentric second selves, extravagant icons that have left their mark on the history of fashion and communication. Fitted in improbable landscapes or related to current works of design, they “wear” fashion, with which they constantly have a difficult relation. They move lightly and naturally, like bosom friends; they make people think and (what is just as important) they make people laugh.

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