Bill Cipher Theme Wallpaper Pictures

The Bill Cipher Theme for Windows is well known for the triangular demon from the dreams with his one eye and a big black hat. It is yellow and runs through gravity to reach the real world. This theme is available for Win 10, Win 8, Win 8.1. It has 15 HD wallpapers. The theme shows Bill wandering around the world, and shows many situations he had been encountered with. It is drawn carefully and with an eye for details with pretty humouristic features, which is also typical for this character.

Bill Cipher is a powerful, interdimensional dream demon in the TV Cartoon series Gravity Falls that can be summoned and released into a person’s mind. He resembles a one-eyed, yellow triangle with a top hat and a bow tie, superficially similar to the Eye of Providence. Bill first appears physically in “Dreamscaperers;” however, many references to him are hidden in previous episodes as images or sentences that flash across the screen. He has a snappy sense of humor but loses his temper quite easily due to impatience. He can read people’s minds and memories, shift forms, warp reality, maintain cross-dimensional awareness, possess bodies, encrypt and decrypt codes, and shoot laser energy blasts from his eye and fingers.

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